April 30- May 2, 2018
Detroit, MI

Tobias Glossman

Senior Engineer
Mercedes Benz

Tobias Glossmann is working on advanced Mercedes-Benz vehicle battery systems since over 15 years. He contributed to the development of battery systems of many Mercedes-Benz hybrid and electric vehicles. The scope of his work included electronic systems, thermal management, high voltage systems,cell and battery pack simulation, bench marking, and battery controls.  He is now identifying promising battery technology in North-America, that would support future targets of Mercedes-Benz products.

He obtained a Master’s degree in Electronics/Mechatronics from the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, Germany in 2001 and is working on a Master of Science in Chemistry from Oakland University. In his current research, a collaboration with Michigan State University, he is investigating solid and liquid lithium-ion conducting systems using molecular dynamics simulation.

9:45 AM Aspects of Advanced Automotive Low Voltage Battery Technology

·         Investigating battery  efficiency and technology in low voltage vehicles
·         Enhancing safety requirements of new battery technology
·         Integrating new batteries into vehicle components

2:15 PM Panel: Tackling Challenges to greater vehicle electrification in high volume production

·         Regulating design and innovation of different electric machines to meet the needs of powertrain and drivetrain performances.
·         Assessing time limitation with quality specification
·         Evaluating cost reduction, improving quality, and guaranteeing safety to meet standards.

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