Vehicle electrification, connectivity along with additional infotainment and ADAS functions are all major trends in the automotive industry. But these advancements and innovations are beginning to take their toll on the current supply systems, and as vehicle electrification continues current 12V supply system must be optimized to safely and efficiently power the vehicle and all of its electrical components.

As a result OEMs must progress and optimize current 12V start-stop technology, and explore the use of 48V power supply systems to support current and future innovative vehicle technology with the goal of improving fuel efficiency and driving performance. European OEMs are quickly moving toward the adoption of 48V systems, while North American OEMs are researching if a higher voltage 48V system will provide the most effective solution to the problem or if the optimization of current 12V start-stop technology will allow OEMs to meet energy storage, regulatory and consumer demand.

CAFE Standards’ final target of 54.5MPG and the consumer desire for additional infotainment & ADAS systems are driving additional E/E innovation leaving the OEMs to balance satisfying regulatory and consumer requirements, while safely & efficiently powering the car’s electrified components and E/E structure. Join us in Detroit for the 2016 Low Voltage Electrification Summit to discuss how OEMs will achieve the right balance while also exploring the benefits and challenges associated with 12V, 48V power supply systems and advancements in power supply technologies.

Benefits of Attending:


Opportunity to collaborate with fellow industry thought leaders to discuss latest innovations in power supply systems, automotive batteries & powertrain technology that will allow your company to meet E/E & ADAS requirements, regulatory standards while also producing a high-performance vehicle that meets consumer needs


Intimate learning forum for executives, developers, engineers, and managers


Evaluating the benefits of using of 48v Supply systems in USA vs. Europe


In depth evaluation of 12v, 48v, and full HEV systems: benefits, challenges and current applications


Understanding how innovations in power supply systems will allow OEMs to realize improved fuel efficiency while maintaining performance


Great networking opportunities with leading figures in vehicle technology from both OEMs and Tier 1 companies


Discussing advancements in key system components such as BSG, Converters, Supercaps and Communications Centers


A focus on regulatory, technological and strategic power supply issues

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